Clough Commons Sustainability

 Sustainability Fact Sheet

The Clough Commons architectural design was created and implemented with an incredible sense of sustainability in mind. In fact, the design team seeks LEED Platinum certification, the highest recognition of a building that does not have an adverse effect on its surrounding and global environment. Besides being environmentally responsible, the Clough Commons provides unique opportunities as a learning lab for students in a wide range of disciplines, from Architecture to Biology to Environmental Engineering.

The project includes a 1.4 million gallon underground cistern which is designed to substantially reduce the amount of storm water GT puts into the City sewer system. The cistern captures runoff from Tech Green and Clough Commons site plus condensate water from the Clough Commons mechanical systems. The captured water is reused for flushing toilets in Clough Commons and landscape irrigation.


  • Skiles Walkway is completely redone as a terraced promenade with seating areas and places to congregate. There is also be an outdoor seating area adjacent to the Starbucks CafĂ© along the Walkway.
  • There are 347 solar panels mounted on the roof of the mechanical penthouse.
  • Evacuated tube solar collectors are used to supply hot water to the building.
  • The building is designed to bring daylighting into it's center via (3) light monitors and reduce the energy load.
  • The building incorporates a "daylight harvesting" system that allows lighting to be turned off in public areas (corridors) when there is sufficient sunlight.
  • The restroom counters are made of recycled glass.