Innovative Classrooms

The Clough Commons is all about innovative learning- designed with the student in mind! Several revolutionary-style classrooms on Level One are designed for “experiential-based” learning where there is no central teaching wall.  Instead, writing surfaces and plasma screens abound on all four walls to allow for students arranged in groups.  Here students work on projects and experiments throughout the class via laptops and unique collaboration software.  The technology allows the students to be connected with each other and the professor throughout the screens in the room.  These classrooms allow for a new type of learning-style in classes throughout every department- from Engineering and Biology to Management and Modern Languages.

Freshman-level Lab Classrooms

All freshman-level lab classes (Biology, Chemistry, EAS, and Physics) have their labs located centrally in Clough Commons.  State-of-the-art labs furnished with new equipment are located on Level Three for Physics and EAS, Level Four for Biology, and Level Five for Chemistry.  In addition, the sustainable roof garden provides a unique opportunity for “field lessons” in Biology and EAS!

New Auditorium Spaces

Two large auditorium spaces (each seating 300 students) are located on Level One, just inside the North Entrance.  These rooms are designed for larger lectures, but are configured in way to allow for group-based learning, group work, and technology-heavy lectures.

Special Academic Event Space

With the addition of several classrooms, two large auditorium spaces, the large open West Gallery space on Level One, and better-landscaped Tech Green, the Clough Commons features many opportunities for centrally-located academic events.  Lectures, intellectual forums, and research presentations are just a few of the kinds of events that can be hosted in the Clough Commons to bring together the campus community across disciplines and enhance the academic pursuits of all students.